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   Please contact us at the e-mail addresses listed below.   

   Club related items to the Secretary.

   Website issues to the webmaster.

   When ordering bulk supplies, please contact Adrian     a week prior to meetings so that he has ample time to     prepare items & organise transport. (There is only a     finite amount of space in his car.) ed.

   Alternatively use the phone numbers below



Spotted Sun Orchid

Club Executive

 President                         Ken Martin                  Ph 3341 5474        k.marto0011@gmail.com

Vice President  &            Reg Illingworth           Ph 3800 3213        lados.editor@bigpond.com

      Newsletter Editor

General Secretary  &      Jan McKenzie              Ph 3208 8721        secretary@lados.org.au

      Guest Speaker Co-ordinator

Minutes Secretary           Julie Copley-Bishop    Ph 0422 015 991

Assistant Secretary  &    Sonya Crosby               Ph 0438 198 192

       Show Organiser

Treasurer                          Doug Mogg                 Ph 3806 5316


Committee Members

Adrian Bergstrum            Trade Table                 Ph 3805 8224        adrianbergstrum@hotmail.com

Myrella Coppus                                                    Ph 3341 5691

Maree Illingworth            Show Secretary           Ph 3800 3213

Phillip McCallum            Photographer              Ph 3427 7774

Pam Price                                                             Ph 3345 6143

Kurt Raup                         Info Tech.                   Ph 3388 8771          webmaster@lados.org.au

Win Watts                         Kitchen Providore      Ph 3805 6197

Olympia Pearce                Librarian                      Ph 3800 9231


Other Positions

Tiny Law                           Trade Table

Margaret Tierney              Trade Table Assistant

Marilyn Day                      Trade Table Assistant

Angela Kehoe                    Recorder

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