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International ORCHID organisaTIonS

 American Orchid Society

British Orchid Council

Cape Orchid Society, South Africa

Capital City Orchid Society, Wellington, New Zealand

  Honolulu Orchid Society, Hawaii

International Directory of Orchid Societies

Les Orchidees de Province

New Zealand Native Orchid Group

North of England Orchid Society

Orchid Council of New Zealand

Orchid Society of Nova Scotia and Canadian Orchid Congress

Orchid Society of South East Asia

South African Orchid Council

  Swiss Orchid Foundation

Thelymitra ixioides

Spotted Sun Orchid


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Orchis italica

The Naked Man Orchid

© Paul Harcourt Davies

Ophrys fuciflora

 Late Spider-orchid

Photo credit: news.bbc.co.uk